Women in Science feature -Bridget L. Whittemore

Name: Bridget L. Whittemore

Title/Position: X-Ray/Mammo Tech

  1. Why did you pursue a career in medicine? I chose the medical field because I love helping others, especially the elderly.
  2. What made you choose your job? I knew I wanted to go into Radiology, but I wanted to specialize in Mammography. Saving a life is the most rewarding thing about my job. Finding breast cancer at an early stage is most important!
  3. What do you love most about your job? I love building a relationship with my patients and most of all making sure they are healthy and cancer free.
  4. What would you tell a younger girl who wants to be a doctor, nurse, etc.? Follow your dreams! Work hard and always treat your patients as your would want to be treated or you would treat your own family. Very rewarding job when you see them get well and healthy again. Also a decent salary and many different options to specialize in. People will also get sick so you are always needed.