We’ve designed our facilities with your care and comfort in mind. We want all of our patients and visitors to feel safe and comfortable when stepping foot in our hospital. Tyler Holmes Memorial Hospital uses only the highest principles of medical care, and the results have been truly noteworthy.


The term “swing-bed” refers to a hospital’s ability to use its beds to provide either acute care (regular hospital care) or skilled nursing care. Swing beds are regular hospital beds that can be used when patients need skilled nursing care but require longer periods of time than a typical hospital visit. If an illness or injury requires you to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time, you may be put into a swing bed program. Our swing bed unit is located on our Medical/Surgical unit.


Our Physical Therapy Department provides the highest quality of therapy services to provide alleviation of pain, prevention and progression of functional limitation due to disability, surgery, injury, or disease. Speech Therapy and Occupation Therapy available as well. Our PT Department is dedicated to restoration, maintenance, and promotion of overall fitness, health, and a higher quality of life.


The Emergency Department at Tyler Holmes Memorial is designated as a Level 4 trauma facility by the Mississippi Department of Health. Our physicians along with our nursing staff provide prompt, emergent medical care for patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With an in house laboratory and radiological services department, patients receive prompt, quality care in every encounter.

Our Emergency Department works in conjunction with our First Responders to bring our citizens a sense of safety and security. Working closely with Winona Fire and Police Departments and Med-Stat EMS, we strive to provide a support system families can depend on – Especially when seconds count!


Our Intensive Outpatient Program at Tyler Holmes Memorial is designed to meet the needs of older adults experiencing a variety of emotional and behavioral challenges. The program works to improve emotional and behavioral stability, as well as help patients identify, develop and increase the use of effective coping skills by emphasizing the existing strengths of the individual and/or family system.

Senior Life Solutions utilizes a holistic approach to relieve distressing symptoms and maximize quality of life.

Our services include:
Psychiatric Evaluation
Group Therapy
Individual Therapy
Family Therapy
Psychiatric medication management & education
Discharge Planning

Physical and psychological stresses can complicate a healthy outlook on life. The multidisciplinary team at Senior Life Solutions recognizes this and strives to provide help and hope for senior adults in Winona and the surrounding communities.

Senior Life Solutions: 662-283-5292


Our wound care outpatient program offers the ability to treat multiple types of wounds, including those due to trauma, surgery, diabetes, and pressure wounds. Advanced wound care procedures are performed to aid in the proper healing of our patients. This service allows wound progress to be tracked and monitored in a controlled medical atmosphere.

Wound Care Specialists: 877-295-2273