Swing Bed Information

What is a swing bed? A swing bed is a physical hospital bed that can be used for two purposes – acute and post-acute care such as rehab.  The purpose is to allow patients in rural communities to receive quality post-acute care within their community.

Our Swing Bed facility provides skilled, inpatient rehab services for a wide-range of conditions including recovery from illness, surgery, fall, stroke, or traumatic injury.  Our rehab team focuses on returning to home, attaining or maintaining independence, preventing falls and improving quality of life.

Swing Bed Facts

Why choose our Swing Bed for your rehab needs? 

  • Better staff to patient ratio so the patient to receive better care   
  • The ability to stay local and have families visit
  • On-site providers who check-in on patients more often
  • Access to necessary specialized equipment not found at nursing homes